Fairlie Seed Company, LLC not only grows ball clover for commercial seed production, but we also grow it on our own ranches for beef and honey production.

Grazer’s Select™ ball clover is the only clover grown and developed in the South for the South.

Since 1998, our seed stock has endured extreme cold, drought and wet conditions, as well as intensive grazing by cattle, sheep and goats. This has naturally selected Grazer’s Select™ ball clover to have greater tolerance for a hardier and longer-lasting stand.

“One of the hardiest and most nutritious legumes is ball clover. It grows from the top to the bottom of the hill.”

— Larry Redmon, Extension Forage Specialist
Texas A&M Agricultural Reserach Center

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on planting clover.

AuDon What Clover Do I Have?

About this time last year, I contacted our local extension office for suggestions on reseeding winter annuals to be used for foraging by our cattle in South Carolina.  Kevin Campbell (forage specialist with Clemson University Extension) got some seed from y’all to try on our farm in Jackson, SC.  I wanted to contact you to let you know that I was amazed by the ball clover.  First and foremost, the cattle love it.  I am also impressed with the recovery that the plant shows with its re-growth after each grazing period.  I am looking forward to next spring to see how much reseeding has occurred.  We were so pleased with the performance, that we had the local cattlemen’s association over for a field day 2 weeks ago. 

Neely Page
A&W Farms
Jackson, SC